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Mallory Eckstut

  • Mallory Eckstut
    Mallory Eckstut

    2013 - PhD Biological Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    2008 - MS Biological Sciences, Southeastern Louisiana University

    2006 - BA Biology, Bard College at Simon's Rock

    Dr Eckstut has a diverse background in biology primarily focused on identifying and analyzing biodiversity as a function of evolutionary mechanisms and ecological factors. In particular, she is interested in integrating novel technology and data to reveal novel patterns in biodiversity. During her PhD research, Dr Eckstut used phylogenetic information, including genetic data, phylogenetic tree structure, and diversification rates derived from DNA sequences, to develop novel methods that test hypotheses regarding the origin and maintenance of biodiversity—both at the scale of life history strategies and diversity (evolutionary ecology) and distribution across the landscape (evolutionary and ecological biogeography). In addition to her background in genetics and evolution, Dr Eckstut is experienced in histological and ultrastructural techniques to evaluate the diversity of reptile anatomy and physiology. An experienced researcher, Dr Eckstut has published 11 manuscripts in international peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Mammalogy, Global Ecology and Biogeography and the Journal of Morphology and has presented at international conferences such as the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists and the American Society of Mammologists Meeting. Dr Eckstut has worked as a research associate in applied animal ecology and as an instructor teaching courses on biology, ecology, herpetology, and microbiology laboratory techniques, and is currently a professional academic editor. Dr Eckstut joined the Edanz Group as an editor in 2014.