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Tim Cooper

  • Tim Cooper
    Tim Cooper

    2003 - PhD Chemistry, University of Reading

    1996 - BA Mathematics, University of Otago

    1996 - BSc Chemistry, University of Otago

    Academic Background

    Dr Cooper obtained his PhD in computational materials science from the University of Reading in 2003. After completing his PhD, he spent a year as a post-doctoral fellow at Industrial Research Ltd., New Zealand, where he used computational methods to investigate self-adsorbed monolayers on gold surfaces. He then worked at the Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Material Science at the University of Cambridge, where he investigated the thermodynamic properties of organic molecular solids. He has also spent time at the University of Liverpool investigating covalent organic frameworks and at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre performing risk assessment of drug molecules for the pharmaceutical industry. He has knowledge about materials science, computational chemistry, solid-state chemistry, theoretical chemistry, molecular modeling, and physical chemistry.

    Publishing History

    Dr Cooper has authored over 15 peer-reviewed papers in journals including Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, CrystEngComm, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Crystal Growth and Design, Langmuir, and Surface Science.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Cooper has been working as a freelance editor for Edanz Group since 2011. In that time, he has edited over 1000 articles.