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Robert Ireland

  • Robert Ireland
    Robert Ireland

    2016 - PhD Materials Science & Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

    2011 - BS Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis

    Academic Background

    Dr Ireland is an experienced materials scientist in the fields of applied sensors, multifunctional nanomaterials, particle and polymer synthesis, semiconductor design, and energy. He has more than 10 years of experience in conducting novel research, supervising students, and publishing work in international, high-impact journals. Dr Ireland holds patents related to electronic energy harvesting devices and acoustic actuation. He has extensive experience fabricating electromechanical devices from the macro- to the nano-scale, including advanced lithography techniques, surface modification, and advanced inorganic and organic chemistry.

    Publishing History

    Dr Ireland has authored more than 15 peer-reviewed papers, 7 as first author, in journals including Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Physical Review Applied, and ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. He has presented at several international conferences, including the American Physical Society and the Materials Research Society, where he was awarded the Graduate Student Silver Award in 2015.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Ireland has edited manuscripts for students and colleagues at his former institutions. He has been a reviewer for the Journal of Mechanics Engineering & Automation. He started working as an editor and proofreader in 2016 and joined Edanz as an editor in 2022.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Ireland has written a book chapter on thermoelectric polymer composites, published in 2015.