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Jessica Foxton

  • Jessica Foxton
    Jessica Foxton

    2004 - PhD Neuroscience, Newcastle University

    1999 - BA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

    Academic Background

    Dr Foxton carried out research in the cognitive neurosciences with an emphasis on the auditory system. Her research work covered a wide range of topics including auditory learning, cross-modal perception, autism, developmental dyslexia, sensory memory, cochlear implants, and music perception disorders. She also carried out research involving patients with intractable epilepsy. Her research work used a variety of techniques including psychophysics, EEG, MEG, and psychometric testing, and she has experience using statistical tools such as SPSS and Statistica.

    Publishing History

    Dr Foxton has authored 15 peer-reviewed papers, with eight first author publications in prestigious journals including Nature Neuroscience, Brain, and Current Biology. She has presented her work at international conferences in Europe and the USA.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Foxton has professionally edited research articles covering a wide range of medical topics, including the coronavirus disease 2019, Alzheimer’s disease, antibiotic resistance, and various infectious diseases. She has been a reviewer for the journal Brain.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Foxton has been involved in writing literature reviews for medical devices, as well as research articles for clinical research into diabetes.