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Arshad Makhdum

  • Arshad Makhdum
    Arshad Makhdum

    1997 - PhD Pharmacology, University College London

    1990 - MSc Chemical Research, University College London

    1989 - BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry, University of Greenwich

    Dr Makhdum edits across all specialties in internal medicine and surgery. A Research Fellow at the University College London, Dr Makhdum went on to become a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Scripps Institute at the University of California. Since 2000, Dr Makhdum has worked as a medical writer and editor, holding various positions including Publisher at Elsevier in Oxford from 2005 to 2007. Dr Makhdum works as a freelance editorial consultant for three major academic publishers and also has expertise in publication planning. His consultancy work extends to organizations such as the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and the Beckley Foundation (Oxford). He has a particular interest in allergic diseases such as asthma. Dr Makhdum joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2008.