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Justin Dean

  • Justin Dean
    Justin Dean

    2006 - PhD Physiology, University of Auckland

    1996 - MSc and Technology (1st Hons) Chemistry, University of Waikato

    1994 - BSc and Technology Chemistry, University of Waikato

    Dr Dean is presently a senior lecturer in fields related to neuroscience and physiology. He has a particular research focus on the roles of infection and hypoxia-ischemia in impairment of brain development, including white matter injury and myelination. He has experience in large and small animal models of infection, hypoxia-ischemia, and demyelination. In electrophysiology, Dr Dean is skilled in the instrumentation, recording, and analysis of electrophysiological data in vivo, including cortical EEG spike wave and seizure activity, cerebral impedance, cerebral near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), cerebral laser Doppler, temperature, ECG, EMG, blood pressure, ultrasonic blood flow measurement, and fetal breathing movements, as well as MRI imaging. He possesses training in systems physiology, as well as an understanding of the complex and unique cardiovascular and central nervous system responses. In molecular fields, Dr Dean covers the various blot analysis techniques, primer design and sequence analysis, mRNA and protein extractions, RT-PCR and gel electrophoresis, and has extensive experience in histology including staining and analysis of brain tissue and imaging and the associated laboratory skills. In his career, he has co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. Specializing in fields related to physiology, neuroscience, and neuroprotection, Dr Dean joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2007.