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Barbara Goodson

  • Barbara Goodson
    Barbara Goodson

    2007 - PhD Botany, University of Texas

    2000 - MSc Biology, Tennessee Technological University

    1981 - BSc Chemistry, The University of Alabama

    Dr Goodson has a varied academic and professional background. Her studies have included chemistry, computer science, and biology, and she has been employed as a computing support specialist, a college biology instructor, and a microbiology research specialist. Her main field of expertise is botany, especially the areas of plant biodiversity, taxonomy, phylogenetics, and evolution. Her PhD research focused on molecular systematics and biogeography. Dr Goodson is experienced in using techniques such as PCR, DNA sequencing, Southern blotting, and phylogenetic analysis. She is presently employed in a microbiology research laboratory, where she conducts research related to food-borne pathogens and their interactions with protozoa and the environment. Dr Goodson has been the lead author or co-author on several publications. She joined the Edanz Group as an editor in 2011.