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Ashleigh Cooper

  • Ashleigh Cooper

    2011 - PhD Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

    2005 - MS Biomedical Materials Engineering Science, Alfred University

    2002 - BS Ceramic Engineering, University of Washington

    Academic Background

    Dr Cooper is a quality and regulatory expert at a medical device company. She has been working in the medical device industry for the past 8 years, and has extensive experience in biomaterials, tissue engineering in the use and development of medical devices. For her PhD, she developed chitosan-based tissue engineering scaffolds for muscle and neural regeneration. Her research included the natural-material processing, development and characterization of polymers as well as extensive in vitro cell culture studies with various cells (muscle, Schwann, neuron-like, primary neuron, and stem cells). Dr Cooper has also researched miniaturized ELISA using functionalized glass substrates for the detection of viruses and pathogens in solution. She evaluated glass functionalization using plasma, UV exposure and the chemical application of silanes. She performed substrate characterization using different techniques of contact angle measurement, AFM, XPS and protein binding tests with robotic arrayers. Experiments also included culturing and handling of biological samples (E. coli and antibodies), investigation of protein behavior under different conditions and silane chemistry. During a research fellowship at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Dr Cooper developed glass sealants for solid oxide fuel cells. This work was conducted using glass batching/melting experiments, tape casting fabrication, glass substrate wetting analysis and characterization with XRD and dilatometry. She also developed carbon fiber composites, optimized rubber compositions for enhanced mechanical properties and identified glass laminates for the auto industry.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Cooper has over 8 years’ experience as a reviewer for numerous journals including Carbohydrate Polymers. She has also been a reviewer of NIH SBIR grants.

    Reviewing Experience

    Dr Cooper has been a scientific and language editor for more than 11 years.