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Mark Hammonds

  • Mark Hammonds
    Mark Hammonds

    2013 - PhD Molecular Astrophysics, University of Nottingham

    2003 - BSc Hons Chemistry of Materials, University of Nottingham

    Academic Background

    Dr Hammonds is experienced as a post-doctoral researcher in molecular astrophysics and artificial photosynthesis. His experience includes work in theoretical, experimental, and observational contexts with a focus on spectroscopy (UV, optical, IR), quantum chemistry, density functional theory, and decomposition of spectra. Dr Hammonds' astrophysical work has focused on interstellar and circumstellar media, AGB stars, post-AGB objects, star forming regions, aromatic emission bands, diffuse interstellar bands, and formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In artificial photosynthesis, he has mostly focused on photosensitizer molecules, electronic structure, and green chemistry.

    Publishing History

    Dr Hammonds has authored 12 journal papers, including 5 as first author, with a total of 121 citations and an H-index of 6. These have included international collaborations with co-authors located worldwide.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Hammonds has proofread and edited manuscripts for colleagues, at levels ranging from PhD students to assistant professors. Having worked at two universities in non-English speaking countries, he is familiar with supporting researchers for whom English is a second language.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Hammonds is a highly experienced writer. Alongside academic publications and numerous presentations, he has a background as a freelancer with articles published on science news and entertainment websites, as well as several years of experience as a science blogger.