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Ryan Wilkinson

  • Ryan Wilkinson

    2016 - PhD Astroparticle Physics, Durham University

    2012 - MS Theoretical Physics, Durham University

    Academic Background

    Dr Wilkinson is an accomplished physicist in the fields of astrophysics and particle physics, and he has published several papers in international, high-impact journals. He has experience using programming languages such as Python, C, Fortran, Mathematica, and Maple, and statistical methods such as parameter estimation, regression analysis, and hypothesis testing. Dr Wilkinson is knowledgeable in particle physics, cosmology, high-energy physics, astrophysics, and astronomy.

    Publishing History

    Dr Wilkinson has authored seven peer-reviewed papers, three as first author, in journals including Physical Review D, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, with an average of 65 citations per paper. Dr Wilkinson has presented research at several international conferences, and his work has been featured in academic newsletters and the popular press.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Wilkinson previously worked for four years as a News & Views editor at Nature. In that role, he edited expert-written articles on topics in all areas of the physical sciences. He joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2020.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Wilkinson has written four articles for Nature News & Views about papers in the fields of materials science, applied physics, geoscience, and ecology. He has also written two physics articles for the news website The Conversation that have been reprinted in Scientific American, Science Alert, and Phys.org.