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Leroy Jia

  • Leroy Jia
    Leroy Jia

    2018 - PhD Applied Mathematics, Brown University

    2017 - Master of Science (ScM) Engineering, Brown University

    2012 - BS Physics & BS Applied Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Academic Background

    Dr Jia is a professional mathematician and physicist specializing in the analytical and computational modeling of micro- and nano-scale complex systems. His research experience is highly interdisciplinary and encompasses partial differential equations, computer science, condensed matter physics, biophysics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and engineering. He is proficient with Python, MATLAB, and C++ and is fluent in Chinese and Japanese.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    In addition to regularly serving as a peer reviewer, Dr Jia has served as an editor of academic manuscripts since 2022. His editing expertise encompasses technical and math-heavy subjects, such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, statistics, and materials science. Dr Jia joined Edanz as an Editor in 2024.