Do you edit to the journal guidelines?

Yes,  when we edit the manuscript, we will check basic journal guidelines and make sure your manuscript is correct.

We will:

  • Check and change spelling/language (use the spelling style specified in the journal guidelines or if there are no requirements use whatever is dominant in the manuscript)
  • We will thoroughly check that your manuscript meets the word limits defined in the instructions for authors.
    • If your manuscript is far over the limit, then we’ll let you know with a comment in the manuscript
    • If you need a large word count reduction, get in touch for a custom quote
  • Check target journal guidelines and leave a guiding comment on the following:
    • Word limits for abstract/manuscript
    • Abstract structure
    • Title page (e.g. missing information)
    • Missing sections (highlights, abstract, introduction, conflict of interest statement, etc.)


We won't make actual formatting changes or leave placeholders for missing information.