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Resource Roundup: Publishing News

Resource Roundup: Publishing News

Last month in our Resource Roundup we looked at some of our favourite online tools to help you work more efficiently. This month we thought we’d change gears and focus on online resources that can help you keep up with all the latest news in publishing. There are far too many journals to keep up with on an individual basis, and with new high-profile retractions and changes in the publishing industry happening at a fairly constant rate, it’s important to stay up-to-date. Thankfully, the Internet makes this all a lot easier, and below are some of our recommended resources for keeping up with all the news you need to know.



Scholarly Kitchen

The Scholarly Kitchen is our go-to favourite for current discussions about new happenings in the world of publishing. Setup as a blog, it features posts from a rotating series of authors, all with extensive experience in scholarly publishing and research. This site covers a wide range of topics from new developments in peer review, current news and controversies, opinion pieces, and analyses on different aspects of publishing. If you follow only one website related to publishing, this should be it.


Retraction Watch

Coming in a close second for the most essential publishing website to follow is Retraction Watch. Run by a small team, RW posts about new retractions or expressions of concern related to published manuscripts and uses a journalistic perspective to get behind the issues that led to the retraction and how it was handled. It can be hard to keep track of retractions, especially as the lag in posting notices about them can be fairly long, but these guys will keep you up to date and you’ll also learn a great deal about scientific misconduct in the process.


Nothing beats Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and lively discussions on current happenings in the publishing community. Many researchers and journals use Twitter to promote their new publications, but it also houses a thriving community eager to discuss new ways to think about the publishing process. If you’re unable to attend overseas conferences or meetings, it’s also a great place to follow along and involve yourself with the discussion live or catch up once it’s over. We also recommend the people and hashtags below we think are worth following:



Created as a way to build communities of scholars by promoting researchers that post interesting tweets about their work, this topic can cover a wide spectrum of academics worth following and give you a weekly venue to add new people of interest to your feed.


Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE

The publication ethics gurus at COPE are always worth following and you can gain a lot of insights into issues of misconduct. Also good for keeping track of updates to ethical guidelines. Edanz Group is an associate member of COPE.


STM Publishing News

What it says in the name: a great resource for major news items relating to publishing, including journal news and overarching trends.


Of course Edanz also has their own Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as a special China-focused Twitter account, so you can keep up with us and all the news we find particularly helpful or interesting. We also recommend subscribing to updates from journals you often consider for publication or read regularly to keep up with newly published manuscripts or changes in any instructions or journal policies.


Edanz Group provides free online tools to help researchers--namely, the Journal Selector, an elearning platform Author Academy, and a beta version of the guided writing platform Author Path.